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  • Qualified to use Russian KOVI mark for using the trademark of KOVI in Russia
  • Signed the dealer contracts in Khabarovsk and Sahallin, and Launched the boilers in far eastern area of Russia
  • Took over the warehouses and the factories in Korea(Easy-Assembling of the boilers & Storing the packed)
  • Launched and Installed our products in airports in far eastern area of Russia, National Aeronautics and Space, schools, churches, etc.
  • Train Russian experts to export and consult
  • Establish marketing strategies for our products to meet local market and Obtained CIS Certificate
  • Opened online market in Russia and CIS area
  • Set up warehouses in Kazakhstan and Launched the boilers in Russia
  • Signed the contract with the state-corporate Gazprom for sale of the boilers(Agency)
  • Establishment of Boiler Factory
  • Launched brand eco KOVI
  • Launched brand EU, Russia, CIS service center & warehouse open (Kazakhstan)