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Industrial pellet steam boiler

Features of the industrial pellet steam boiler

Industrial pellet steam boiler

Special burner utilizing movable grates
The state-of-the-art combustion system of movable grating allows easy clinker processing and continuous output.
Separate burner
The burner is separated from the boiler main body to allow automatic ash collection and processing, and easy maintenance owing to no sludge entering into the boiler main body. If the burner replaces the existing burner of common boiler, the same fuel cost saving effect can be obtained.
Automatic flue cleaning
Flue cleaning is made easy by mounting the automatic compressive air cleaning system .
Overhead fire tube boiler
Overhead fire tubing, which has been proven safe and efficient through the industrial use for decades. is applied to ensure safe operation and longer lifetime (not less than 10 years).
The safest boiler(The state-of-the-art safety device is mounted)
The design and construction inspection from the Korea Energy Management Corporation has been successfully completed. The automatic controller for overheating, backfire prevention, over-pressure prevention and upper limit of exhaust gas is mounted to provide the same safety level as gas boilers.
Large hopper can be mounted
Large hoppers of 4—10 tons can be mounted to provide easier fuel feeding and maintenance.